Interactive Graphic Designer

[email protected] is looking for a visual graphic designer interested in creating interactive designs that not only display nicely in a web interface but provide a function.

We are looking for someone that meets the following criteria:

We look for individuals that have an extensive experience and education in the graphic design industry that have been through various educational and training commitments. We also prefer designers who have been through various industry training and certification courses to display their understanding of interactive graphic design.

The position also requires an individual who is able to work openly with a group of designers, developers, and other individuals within the organization to accomplish each project based on the needs and requirements of each project. We receive input from our customers which may require the direction of the project to be changed. Projects may also require the individual to communicate with the rest of the team for direction and guidance or to provide direction and guidance to other members of the team. Communication is an essential part of the position.

To Apply

Send your application to [email protected]