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What is Link Building?

The process of link building involves variety of incoming links from other websites to your own website. Many search engines value the process of linking when attempting to identify both the relevancy and the importance of content on the Internet. Website importance can be increased with obtaining links relevant to the service and products.

What are the benefits of Link Building?

How VJG Can Help?

Link Building Features

Manual Link Building

A link building professional will always be more effective than simply buying a piece of software to do the work. Our link building professionals produce incoming links through manual processes which identify the quality of links to prevent the use of low-quality and potentially damaging links. These practices can also be directly relevant to your SEO campaign.

Quality Links from Legitimate Websites

Our link building team focuses on generating quality links which are relevant to the products and services you’re offering. Major search engines will provide higher value to websites that showcase greater value than website's with the spam purpose.


Our status reports aim to provide you with the latest progress and information on the link building initiatives done for your website. These reports are generated to showcase the progress and results of the project. Many companies do not provide actual reports which raises the question whether or not work is being completed.

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