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What is Ecommerce SEO?

Similar to organic SEO, ecommerce SEO focuses on providing an optimization service which helps online shops by improving the placement of their products in online search results. This type of service focuses on optimizing the sheer number of pages many online shops feature in comparison to the website of the average business or cause.

The main focus of the service is to ensure that each item’s page is being optimized in order to showcase your items in search results in addition to different online shopping gateways similar to Google’s shopping search tool. This means having your products prominently featured among numerous online shopping services.

How can it affect my sales?

Ecommerce SEO will drive additional sales to your company by driving additional web visitors and by extension potential customers to your website. Through driving new visitors to your website you will obtain additional customers.

The more traffic driven to your website the more potential there is to convert the visitors into paying customers.

Even though there are a number of ways to drive visitors to your website, search engine optimization focuses on optimizing your website for specific search phrases most relevant to the goods you're offering. As a direct result the visitors reaching your website are highly relevant to what you're offering.

When will I notice a change?

Search engine optimization practices can take upwards of six months before a change is noticeable. Performance of the campaign improves over time as the search engine adjusts rankings based on the relevance of the website due to the new content, strategies, and other aspects of your SEO project.

How is this different from SEO?

SEO strategies focus on general keyword optimization in order to optimize a website for different phrases relevant to the website. This doesn’t account for different types of products being offered through the website. Ecommerce SEO strategies are more focused for different types of ecommerce platforms, a variety of products being offered, and work to integrate the products being offered into different shopping engines.

Ecommerce SEO Features

Technical Preparation

Time is spent implementing various strategies for tracking, managing, and maintain the SEO strategies within your ecommerce platform. Our professionals often adapt an existing website to a common ecommerce platform in order to produce a stronger approach to SEO. During this time the team works on decreasing loading times while ensuring the website validates across numerous standards which allow for search engines to easily index your website.

On Page Optimization

Our SEO team works to ensure the content and design of a website is crafted based on the specific search strategies and selected keywords are highly targeted. Various elements of the website are restructured to allow for the proper use of H1 tags, customized meta tags, and effective URL structuring. In addition other services are utilized to maximize the impact of on-page elements in the eyes of the major search engines.

Off Page Optimization

Various off page elements are put into place to ensure your products and services are featured amongst numerous online directories and social bookmarking websites through targeted off page optimization strategies. Link building campaigns are crafted in order to target phrases that are relevant to the types of products and services being offered through your ecommerce website. Landing pages are created in order to ensure individuals reaching your website are being directed to relevant content. In addition, your website is also included in various local listings on the major search engines and through online shopping engines such as Google Shopping.

Reporting Methods

Our reports are provided to assist clients in better understanding the work that is produced, the results being achieved, and the expectations to have over time. We showcase each of the directory submissions and the resulting traffic information to showcase exactly what effect the on page and off page elements have on the performance of the website as a whole.

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