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iPhone Application Development Services

VJG Interactive excels at developing some great and unique iPhone business applications. At the core of our iOS development services is a team of trained professionals dedicated to crafting powerful iPhone applications that are meant to provide solutions to your business needs. We test your custom built application through matchless quality assurance processes and make it available via Apple’s app store, complete with your branding and information.


It is no secret that iPhone and iPad form the premium category of smart phones and are becoming the next big trend in web commerce. VJG Interactive provides expert iPhone solutions for uprising business needs as more and more users turn to their mobile devices for all forms of online communication. We employ our expertise and make use of the latest technologies and strategies to reach your target audience. If you’re a business that relies on users having access to their services online, a dedicated iPhone app is the next step towards retaining your clientele while also attracting new customers looking for a more interactive solution.

Our Process

Concept & Framework

At VJG Interactive, prior to the start, our team spends time to better understand and develop the initial concepts. This allows our application development team the opportunity to build out a framework capable of carrying out all aspects of communication and interaction within your application. We provide full-scale of the application, all features and the flow of functions to our clients for inspection and feedback.

Revision & Customization

As the client reviews the information provided to them our iOS app development team gathers feedback in regards to the structure and features of the application in order to make the required revisions. VJG repeats this process until all of the feedbacks provided by our client are taken into consideration and the framework properly reflects what is required.


Our app development team then begins the process of building out the application from both, the standpoint of code & functions of the application and the graphical user interface in order to ensure both are properly connected. In addition VJG Interactive also ensures the application meets the guidelines and requirements of Apple’s app store.

Testing and Fixing

At VJG Interactive, our quality assurance team then tests and reports upon various aspects of the application software to ensure each feature is functioning as intended. Our QA team is experienced in finding different types of errors and issues that may require a more tactical approach to uncover. This in turn leads to a stable and high performing iPhone application.

Release Candidate / Full Release

At this time, we release the application to our clients for testing and ensuring that all aspects of the application meet their expectations. We make changes to the app based on our client’s feedback prior to the final release. Our development team ensures that the application gets approved for the Apple app store for wide distribution.

Additional Revisions

In the case of updates to the iOS platform or firmware, our development team also provides updates to the application or make changes as new features are included in their online services.

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