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What is Video SEO?

Video search engine optimization involves the process of optimizing the content associated with a video for search engines across major video hosting sites including Youtube and Vimeo. By implementing a variety of strategies it is possible to get a video towards the top of the results for relevant search terms.

What benefit can video SEO provide my company?

With the emergence of online video as a major platform among Internet users it has become increasingly important for companies to utilize it as a method of distributing their word. It has become possible to use various online video services as a means of getting your message out to those who are looking for the types of products and services which you offer. In addition having a presence on a major video site can also help produce a positive brand image.

What can VJG Interactive do for me?

Our team of video SEO professionals will focus on the task of optimizing the content associated with your video in order to establish a relation towards the keywords most relevant to your target audience. Through various on-page and off-page strategies and techniques, the SEO team will allow for search engines to index and rank your videos higher in the appropriate results.

In order to improve the visibility of the video each video is also distributed through various video and social sharing websites. Our team will also work to ensure your video is being given favorable ratings, favorites, and comments which are relevant to the context of the video.

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