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Android Development

At VJG Interactive, we understand the need for an exceptionally performing mobile application on a highly sought and relevant mobile platform. Our Android application development services aim to provide your business a cost effective and efficient way to produce quality Android applications to supplement the services you provide.

Android has become a successfully popular open-source mobile platform for developers looking to reach a wide range of mobile web users. As the leading platform for cell phone manufacturers, Android applications reach a wider audience as both a means of providing additional value to customers and reaching new clients searching for what you have to offer.

With the Android mobile application created by VJG Interactive, you can extend the reach of what your business has to offer - in a direction previously unexplored

Our Process

Concept and Framework

Before the start of any project, our team obtains a better understanding of the needs and requirements of your business in order to develop the initial concept of their mobile application. By performing the initial analysis, our mobile development team begins building a framework capable of carrying out all aspects of communication and interaction within the mobile application.

Revision and Customization

We provide the initial concept to you in order to inspect the functionalities, design elements, and features of the application prior to development. We then obtain feedback from you to create subsequent concepts to eventually craft the final concept to be used as a guideline for the development process.


Our mobile app team at VJG Interactive then begins the process of building out the application from both the standpoint of the code and functions of the application in addition to the graphical user interface. We implement various version control and testing systems to increase the agility and accuracy of the development process. We also ensure the best practices are followed to ensure the highest level of device compatibility to reach the largest audience of Android users possible.

Testing and Fixing

VJG’s quality assurance team then tests and reports upon various aspects of the software to ensure that each feature is working as intended. The QA team also ensures that each aspect of the software matches the original concept from the standpoint of functionality and usability. We also make certain that all features are free of unintended results. This ensures long-term stability for the application through rigorous and tactical testing strategies.

Release Candidate / Full Release

In this step you are provided with a “release candidate” version of the application in order to receive your feedback on the application and to ensure the application will meet their long-term needs as they connect vital components of their own offerings to the application. Changes are made based on your feedback and a full version is released after a final feedback and is distributed through app stores as requested by you.

Additional Revisions

In the case of updates to the Android platform, our development team also provides updates to the application at an additional cost or make changes as new features are included in their online services.

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