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Symbian – Why?

A large number of devices utilize the Symbian platform currently maintained by Nokia. In order to reach the large number of users, it is becoming important to provide your mobile phone services to Symbian users. The Symbian platform allows for ease of development and ease of use with a growing number of phones and devices for mobile communications.

Our Process

Concept Design

Our team of mobile app designers will create a concept design for your application, outlining the various aspects and features of your application for your approval. Your feedback and corrections are used to create a final concept design which is to go to development after approval by both parties. We provide our concept design to ensure the fastest possible development strategy for your application.


Mobile application developers create your application through the use of various development kits. Our team will ensure that the application utilizes the best development strategy in order to decrease development time and improve upon stability for your application.

Bug Testing

Our bug testing team will look into the operation of the application from a usability standpoint while ensuring that all features are working properly. All issues are reported to the development team for improvement in order to mitigate problems in the future.


Your application is released to you for your own personal use or redistribution through various application channels. Your company is free to utilize, sell, and distribute the application as needed.

Further Revisions

Our team is able to make future revisions for your application to fix mistakes found after the development process or to improve upon the application based on your instruction. We are also able to make changes based on changes in your products and services for an additional cost.


Since your application is customized for your organization, we can create comprehensive applications that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re interested in releasing the application to a wide audience to compliment your services or for internal use or access to internal services and solutions, we can create an application that provides your users with great benefit.

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