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Windows App Development

At VJG Interactive, with our Windows Phone development services, we aim to create technology-led applications for your audience on the Windows phone platform. Whether you're looking for an application which can be utilized internally by your team or distributed to your customers as an addition to their services, our windows phone application development team is able to link your application to internal communication and infrastructure for increased benefit of usage.

With the latest release of the Windows mobile OS line, Windows Phone 8.1, many mobile phone users are starting to take notice. Branded under the famous “Microsoft Windows” name computer users know to trust, the Windows Phone 8.1 platform provides users with a solid framework built upon the same concepts as the desktop version of the 8.1 operating system. The Windows Phone platform targets professional users requiring extra features and functionality out of their mobile device.

We at VJG Interactive provide expert solutions to the businesses looking to reach a professional level audience with a strong interest in using applications on their phone the Windows Phone platform. The custom phone application we develop for your business, on the Windows platform ensures that your existing and potential customers will have the option available to access your services or information from their mobile device.

Our Process

Concept Design

Prior to the start of a project, our team analyzes your needs and requirements in order to determine how to create the initial concept for your mobile application. The original concept is then created by our experts to provide a visual depiction of the application to be developed in order to receive feedback from the client prior to the development process. Your concept is created and maintained by our team of application designers and developers to ensure coordination with the team which will be actively working on your application.


Our application development team uses the most recent design and begins to build the application according to the specifications you need. During this time VJG’s development team implements a wide variety of versioning and testing systems in order to be able to track progress of the development of the application and to improve the speed at which development can take place. We also provide a report over time to showcase how much progress is being made and to provide a timeline for the development.

Quality Assurance

While our team at VJG does the quality assurance during the process of developing the application, a lot of the quality assurance is completed near the end of the development cycle as well. Through both automated and manual strategies a variety of potential and common issues in usability and functionality are examined by us in order to ensure the application is compatible with the widest range of devices. In addition bugs and other potential issues are identified and fixed by our development team and tested again the ensure functionality and performance.

Final Release

Once the development process has been completed we send the application to you for testing. At this time, you provide feedback to make revisions where functionality is not working according to spec or where changes are needed to require the application to work as intended. Our team also assists with the implementation or distribution of the application.

Further Revisions

In addition to the development process, our development team also assists you by extending or improving your applications over time. As the Windows Phone platform evolves or changes versions it can be important to revise an application to work with the latest features or frameworks. Our team also works to improve the application to meet the newest offerings from mobile phone manufacturers and from Microsoft.

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