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The Importance of Regions

Most SEO services focus on providing optimization within a single language inside of a single region. As most online marketing professionals are proficient within a single language it can be difficult for a business to reach multiple regions and languages effectively.

Our multilingual SEO services offer businesses the opportunity to engage all of the audiences online through campaigns produced through multiple internet marketing professionals each of which have ample experience in producing organic SEO campaigns within their target language and region.

With the rise of the Internet as a globally connected network for communication and commerce it has become easier for online users to communicate with individuals around the world. Through this new form of communication it has become increasingly important to communicate globally to users in any region.

The online marketing experts we work with have experience in communicating in multiple languages and maintain strategies which target specified regions around the world.

Regional Differences

While it is possible to communicate with a global audience it is also important to understand that no two markets are the same. Each country and region has its own customs and different ways of handling business in person and online. With many different languages and cultural barriers to deal with it can become a confusing and complicated challenge for marketers trying to reach audiences abroad.

In the same way that different regions have their own characteristics the same can be said about different regional search engines. For example, the results in Google for one term are going to be different between the United States and Spain. Our online marketing professionals can identify how search engines work independently of each other to produce results through specialized strategies for each search engine, region, and language.

Website Analysis

We begin your SEO project by performing an in-depth analysis of your existing website and web infrastructure. This is important in order to obtain information about the size and structure of your website. We perform an in-depth website review and compare your website to the websites of your competitors. Time is also spent reviewing your website in the context of different regions, languages, and regional search engines in order to understand how specific decisions would impact performance across those different engines. During this time we begin to formulate a detailed search engine optimization strategy, perform regional keyword research, and determine how to implement keywords across different title and meta tags.

Technical Preparation

A lot of time is spent preparing for the process of implementing various on-page and off-page strategies while simultaneously ensuring your website will meet various technical standards ensuring visitors will be able to access the website from multiple regions. Time is also spent ensuring the website is accessible from regional spiders to ensure the website is properly indexed in various regional search engines.

A variety of tools are used in order to obtain statistics about performance and issues some engines may have with the layout or content of a website including Google’s "Analytics" service.

On Page Optimization

A large amount of time for the SEO project is allocated towards on page elements of the website. This time is spent ensuring that content is being properly indexed, targeted keywords are being found by various regional search engines, and H1 and H2 tags are being properly utilized to allow Google and other major search engines the ability to rank the website for relevant keywords. The internal link structure is often analyzed and reconstructed, content keyword density is analyzed and modified to further improve the quality of content, and an analysis of duplicate content is produced to prevent content duplication from degrading the SEO performance of the website.

Off Page Optimization

In order for a multilingual SEO campaign to be most effective a large amount of work must also be placed into producing various off page optimization techniques. These often include the process of submitting a website to major directories across each region in addition to social bookmarking websites and other online resources. By producing link building strategies and press release creation, relevant content and links are created in order to improve the website’s relevance and traffic from external sources.

Submission Reports

We ensure all SEO projects are being properly reported upon in order to help customers in understanding the amount of work put into the project, the expected results of the work, and the achieved results of the work over time. We also provide consultation to help customers better understand the reports, what the information means, and what steps we recommend the client take to further improve upon or to take advantage of their online marketing.

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