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Ecommerce Development Services

At VJG Interactive, our team of professional designers and developers specialize in assisting ecommerce businesses and online shops in building visually stunning designs and exceptional experiences which match the type of products and services which you offer. We have handled numerous ecommerce web projects for online retailers, and are aware of the technical knowhow of putting new-age portals on the market. VJG’s advanced ecommerce development services have given businesses like yours, the additional skills needed to adapt quickly to changes in the market

Ecommerce development

The ecommerce development services that we provide at VJG Interactive, focus on providing businesses with a custom tailored online store to house an engaging and unique experience for online shoppers. Through the use of established platforms, effective conventions, and award-winning design strategies our team creates a custom website based on your needs and requirements.

While web development and design services in generally are focused on aesthetics and functions of a website, our experienced team of ecommerce designers and developers tune their focus on the aspects directly relevant to turning an active audience into buyers. Through a multi-faceted approach to design and development our ecommerce development team creates a website with a focus on attracting web visitors while converting them into paying customers with an easy-to-use and naturally intuitive navigation.

Role of ecommerce in modern web development

A large number of businesses build their online store using open source or closed source ecommerce software solutions which focus on allowing anyone the opportunity to start an online store. While this presents an interesting opportunity to thousands of potential business owners, the results often leave a lot to be desired in terms of functionality or design. Having a stale store front which thousands of other stores use isn’t attractive to potential buyers as there is the missing unique component many shoppers are searching for.

At VJG Interactive, we focus on creating a truly unique and innovative front side for your business while also providing you with the tools on the back end to make your management and operation of your online store much easier. We strive to create strategies and solutions to common problems you may encounter during the management of your online store. In addition, your website is designed keeping the products and services you offer in mind, allowing us to create a completely unique and innovative design which tells visitors what your business is about.

General Features of ecommerce portals

Each ecommerce website we create is based on an original concept crafted through the client’s feedback and ideas to generate a website which truly reflects the products and services being offered. With our services, your online store will have the ability to search through different categories and types of items with a degree of customization in search results. In addition, you’ll have complete control of the products and services on your website, where they are being featured and which options are available for each item. Your ecommerce platform will also have the customer support features allowing swift responses and solutions to the common problems shoppers face.

Payment Processing and Security

Our development team works to implement a secure and effective payment platform based on your needs and requirements. We add an existing merchant account or processing method into your online store or find one that best suits your needs and expectations. Our development team will work to ensure your online store is entirely PCI DSS compliant.

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