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What make up modern Mobile Web Development solutions?

While your website may produce great results and business conversions, sometimes we do miss that they may not be originally designed while keeping the mobile web in mind. Browsing Internet on a mobile device requires a different design aesthetic and a different type of usability for use through modern mobile browsers, and that’s why mobile web development is so important right now.

VJG Interactive excels in designing advanced mobile solutions for your business. We provide unparalleled web solutions in the mobile web development domain. Our team works incessantly to develop your websites and web portals for responsive design so that your customers always get the seamless user experience whenever they browse your website from their mobile devices.

Growing Mobile Platforms

With internet access available on mobile devices, more and more web users are turning to their cell phones as a convenient way to reach various online content. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for a website to not only be accessible but also to be well functional within a mobile browser on all popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.

At VJG Interactive, we understand the business need of getting your website to these mobile platforms with seamlessly smooth interface and full functionality.

Traditional VS Mobile Development

Most traditional websites are produced with the modern web browser in mind. The use of a mouse and keyboard as the primary interface devices means a common use of Javascript and other interactive elements. As a result, there are a number of design and interactivity decisions made for modern websites that do not translate to the mobile web. Touch devices utilize different method of interacting with a website.

At VJG Interactive, we develop your website for the mobile devices that use touch as the primary interface gesture. Our team of skilled developers creates the websites that functions efficiently on both traditional and mobile web platform. This allows audiences using any of the platforms to access the information they are looking for without sacrificing usability.

The mobile websites we build are produced with a clear and crisp visual design with an efficient load time, full interaction and complete functionality

Robust Development

Through your existing web infrastructure, our development team at VJG Interactive, functions to create a working environment for a website that is accessible from a mobile browser based on your current website. We optimize various aspects of your website for loading time - to decrease the file size and viewing area based on the size of the display - in order to tailor the view of the website to the device.

Search Engine Friendly

The mobile websites we create are search engine friendly and are developed utilizing the latest standards and requirements for indexing from mobile spiders. We ensure that the aspects of your current online marketing practices are prevalent within your new mobile website to ascertain that both your tracking and branding are implemented properly.

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