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Public Portal

At VJG Interactive, we develop web portals that provides a single source of information to your business that your team members need to get the job done. Whether they need access to internal documentation, customer information, or training materials, we create a single secure destination for your company’s information resources. In addition, we provide a web-based interface so that your own internal systems can be linked securely.

Our capabilities comprise website design to custom web portal development, using contemporary web technology such as ASP .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby on Rails. We have acquired years of experience in various technologies and agile web development projects, using which we offer multiple solutions to our customers.

Having a public-facing web portal can provide your current and potential future customers with a wealth of information to help them make a purchasing decision. At, VJG Interactive develops the web portals developed by us contain information about the products and services your business offers, the interface to order new products and/or services and the facility to pay bills and invoices online. Our team of experienced web developers constructs a web portal based on the needs of your organization and your customers to ensure all information is made readily available.

Enterprise Portal

VJG Interactive creates an enterprise-centric web portal which focuses on providing your team with all of the information and resources needed to achieve success. Our team focuses on implementing all of your internal systems and information resources into a single panel rather than having multiple resources for every single thing. From conception to completion, we ensure that your web portal not only contains the right data, but also works intuitively based on your needs and internal culture.

Web Portal Development Process - How we do it?

Concept Development

Web portal development begins at an original concept. Our team at VJG Interactive works to better understand the needs of your business and the resources being used on daily basis. The original concept strives to ensure that all required resources for your team are available through the portal in an easy-to-use format. We propose strategies that consolidate your web services and information into a single login and control panel rather than scattered through multiple services and vendors. We take frequent feedback on the original concept from you, to ensure the concept meshes with the internal culture of your business and its needs.

Platform Development

Our development team constructs your portal based on the original concept. We build a working model of the web portal to ensure proper functionality of different solutions and information resources. Our quality assurance team at VJG Interactive, ensures that all usable aspects of the web portal are functioning properly based on the expected function and result.

Data Consolidation

An important part of a web portal is ensuring that all information sources are consolidated to provide a simple access method. Internal documentation, communications, and public information is made available from a single location. VJG Interactive ensures that all the sources of information can be controlled and restricted based on permissions for those who should and should not have access to different sources of information. In addition, we ensure that the processes which allow managers and administrators to change permissions easily and intuitively are in place and functioning properly.


We ensure that the portal works on the production server, make certain that all communications are working properly and all users with correct credentials, are able to access the platform.

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